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In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, many artists across the Tar River Region of North Carolina found themselves physically isolated from one another as covid19 spread (and continues to spread) throughout the community.  It was this experience that inspired a small group of artists to discuss the need for connection, not based on a physical location, but instead, based on a common love of the arts, a need for inspiration, and a desire for connection with the community.

In an age of Zoom calls and social distancing, artists began connecting with the public in new and innovative ways. Artists turned to virtual galleries to sell their works, museums hosted virtual art shows and artist talks, while art teachers learned how to teach classes online.  Artists connected with each other, as well.  Some created digital auctions to fundraise for those suffering financially, while others passed along critical information via social media to artists on grants and loans, and others continued to work from home studios and live-streamed to connect with their followers while they painted. 

The world changed, but the need for connection did not change.  Tar River Arts Collaborative was formed to fill that need for connection.

The mission of the Tar River Arts Collaborative (TRAC) is to connect a diverse group of artists to create art, cultivate art appreciation, and give back to the Tar River community of Eastern North Carolina!




Marilynn Anselmi

Managing Partner 

Community Liaison


Jan Sullivan-Volz

Managing Partner



Rebecca Watkins 2.jpg

Rebecca Watkins

Managing Partner

Business Manager

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