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Often, artists find that the upfront costs of purchasing items stand in their way of being able to create, sell, or share their work.   The purpose of the Art Resource Library is to reduce the burden of these upfront costs and share resources so artists can create, sell, and market their art!

The Artist Resource Library enables local artists to access shared materials to check out as needed for short-term use.  Items will be available to be checked out for free (with a credit card on file) by member artists.

The Artist Resource Library was established in honor of TRAC's mentors, Ron and Hilarie Vetere, who established The Bel Air Artisan Center in downtown Rocky Mount in 2009 with the vision of replicating the artists' services provided by The Torpedo Factory in Northern Virginia.  TRAC keeps the Vetere's mission and leadership alive.

Painting Easels

Vetere Artist Resource Library

You must make an appointment to reserve an item.

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