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Young Female Artist

For Artists

We provide artists with opportunities to...

  • connect with mentors

  • attend art critiques

  • show art locally

  • sell art at events

  • volunteer in the community

  • be listed in TRAC's artist directory

  • build relationships with agents and galleries

  • participate in the annual TRAC art show

  • lead and attend workshops, discussions, & book clubs

  • be referred for commission work

  • access a shared artist resource library

Local Coffee Shop

For Businesses

We provide businesses with opportunities to...

  • display art from local artists on a permanent or rotating basis

  • connect with art and design consultants

  • build relationships at work through team building, paint nights, or volunteer partnerships

  • connect with local artists for commissioned art, furniture, murals, cooperate gifts, digital design services, and photography

  • plan workshops that incorporate creative thinking, small business marketing, and color theory

Man Painting a Wall

For Nonprofits

We provide nonprofits with opportunities to...

  • connect with volunteers who are willing to provide art lessons, lead craft activities, design murals, take photographs, donate supplies for art therapy, or do a live painting at an event

  • partner in writing grant proposals to expand art education

  • gain assistance with paint nights, art donations, or designing promotional items

  • partner with the community to access art supplies

  • receive free art for display on a permanent or rotating basis

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